Hear in Portland: Live Music at One Motorcycle Show, Sotaé at May’s Thesis, and Yasss! Lizzo Is Coming to PDX

Hear in Portland Live Music at One Motorcycle Show Sotae

Lizzo performing onstage at SXSW 2022. Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images They say April showers bring May flowers, and Portland music fans—so patient in the rain—are now seeing a bunch of excellent music scene developments at the end of April and beginning of May. This week, we’re celebrating the live music line-up of One Moto … Read more

Keanu Reeves’s motorcycle company ARCH floats idea of building an electric motorcycle

Keanu Reevess motorcycle company ARCH floats idea of building an

ARCH Motorcycle Company, founded by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger, is known for its bespoke sport cruiser motorcycle production. But while those bikes have always featured internal combustion engines, the duo behind ARCH recently floated the possibility of adding electric power to their lineup. ARCH was founded in 2011 after Gard Hollinger, a motorcycle customizer, … Read more

Electrifying motorcycle taxis in Kampala, Uganda, shows air pollution benefits

Journal Reference: Max Vanatta, Bhavesh Rathod, Jacob Calzavara, Thomas Courtright, Teanna Sims, Étienne Saint-Sernin, Herek Clack, Pamela Jagger, Michael Craig. Emissions impacts of electrifying motorcycle taxis in Kampala, Uganda. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2022; 104: 103193 DOI: 10.1016/j.trd.2022.103193 The findings indicate that electrified motorcycles can reduce emissions of global and some local … Read more

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