Sam Heughan wants to take fans on ‘personal journey’ through his life

Sam Heughan wants to take fans on personal journey through

Sam Heughan has opened up about his new memoir ‘Waypoints’ and told fans he wants to take them on a personal journey of his life. ‘Waypoints’ will be published by Radar and will follow Sam as he makes his way along the West Highland Way to reflect on the personal waypoints that define him. Sharing … Read more

Coach from BBC’s Idris Elba’s Fight School helps Wakefield youngsters develop life skills

Coach from BBCs Idris Elbas Fight School helps Wakefield youngsters

Rachel Bower, left, is currently starring in the new BBC Two series Idris Elba’s Fight School. Picture: BBC/Worker Bee/Alexander Piper Bower, 39, originally from Walton, is now Head of Amateur Boxing at Rathbone and Hawley ABC, an England Talent Pathway Coach and a Met Police Detective Sergeant. She is also the National Lead for Boxwise, … Read more

Jack Reynor: “There are two parts to my life – You have to be very black and white”

Jack Reynor There are two parts to my life.1861654origw960

Two years is a long time in showbusiness. Just ask Jack Reynor. The last time I caught up with the star of Lenny Abrahamson’s What Richard Did, he had lately departed for Los Angeles and was suitably thrilled with himself, having landed a few meetings and having just made the acquaintance of Elementary star Lucy … Read more

Jamie Lee Curtis Swears by This $4 Product to Look Younger — Best Life

Jamie Lee Curtis Swears by This 4 Product to Look

Ask anyone about Jamie Lee Curtis and they’ll tell you she’s a phenomenal actor known for her iconic roles in movies like Halloween, Trading Places, and True Lies. But there’s one film the 63-year-old starred in back in 1985 that pretty much sums up the state of her complexion decades later: Perfect. How exactly does … Read more

Maisie Williams’ quiet life in Sussex with boyfriend where she goes ‘unnoticed’

Maisie Williams quiet life in Sussex with boyfriend where she

It is no secret that Sussex appeals to famous faces as a place to settle down and live. The county’s mix of urban hubs and miles of countryside, as well as its proximity to London, makes it a prime candidate. One of those to now call Sussex home is Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, … Read more

Overlooked ’90s Anthology ‘Campfire Tales’ Brings Horror Urban Legends to Life [Young Blood]

Overlooked 90s Anthology ‘Campfire Tales Brings Horror Urban Legends to

Horror anthology films have the good fortune of hosting several stories. Audiences can find something to like even if the entire collection is not up to par. As for anthologies on the small screen, usually these series are limited to one story per episode. Focusing on only one plot at a time has its advantages; … Read more

Nick Jonas Net Worth 2022, Personal Life, Career, Kids And More – Lee Daily

Nick Jonas Net Worth 2022 Personal Life Career Kids And

Amongst the most famous Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas has established himself as a successful American singer, actor, songwriter, and much more. He along with his brothers, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas. They started with their career on the Disney channel, and since then, Nick Jonas’ net worth has increased. He has his own solo career … Read more

Cole Sprouse’s Blonde Bowl Cut on ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’ Wasn’t His Natural Color

Cole Sprouses Blonde Bowl Cut on The Suite Life of

Actors have to change up their looks. It’s just part of the job, but for Cole Sprouse, maintaining his once-signature blonde locks was an ongoing piece of maintenance since childhood. Fans have noticed the departure between his younger appearance and his darker hair today. Many became acquainted — and perhaps enamored — with a young … Read more

Alison Rowat’s TV review: The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe; Chivalry; Life after Life; Idris Elba’s Fight School

Alison Rowats TV review The Thief His Wife and the

COME awards season The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe (STV, Sunday-Wednesday) should be a shoo-in for several prizes, including “best bad acting”. It takes a truly gifted thesp to act like a beginner, and Monica Dolan and Eddie Marsan delivered the goods and then some. The pair played John and Anne Darwin, the Hartlepool … Read more

Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas: Is it me or do you also cringe at those happy life pics?

Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas Is it me or do you also

“One more sugary picture of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas and I will…” Do you think like this? I do. Because, what’s with this obsession over one actor and her singer husband in media, particularly digital media? What forces online news and entertainment outlets to fall over one another to report the minutest details of … Read more

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