Before Singing ‘All For Us’ From ‘Euphoria,’ Zendaya Sang 1 ‘Finding Neverland The Album’ Track

Before Singing All For Us From Euphoria Zendaya Sang 1

Zendaya sang for The Greatest Showman, Euphoria, and even Disney Channel’s Shake It Up. She also appeared on the official soundtrack for the musical Finding Neverland, performing the song “Neverland” and starring in its corresponding music video.  Here’s what she said about her experience with Gary Barlow’s project.  Zendaya is featured on ‘Finding Neverland The … Read more

Viola Davis looks elegant in a black suit as she chats about memoir Finding Me with Tarana Burke

Viola Davis looks elegant in a black suit as she

She’s best known for her acclaimed body of film work, which earned her an Academy Award. But Viola Davis showed off her talents as a writer on Wednesday, when she sat down with Me Too founder Tarana Burke, 48, for a conversation at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan. The 56-year-old actress was on hand … Read more

‘After Yang’: Colin Farrell & Jodie Turner-Smith On Finding Meaning Within The Silences [Interview]

Video-essayist-turned-filmmaker Kogonada made his feature film debut in 2017 with the lyrical and poetic “Columbus,” a film we loved so much we declared him one of the breakout talents of the year. Describing him at the time as “coming out of the gate fully, and beautifully formed,” we all waited with bated breath to see … Read more

Nanoparticles show promise for finding, removing endometriosis lesions

Journal Reference: Youngrong Park, Ananiya A. Demessie, Addie Luo, Olena R. Taratula, Abraham S. Moses, Peter Do, Leonardo Campos, Younes Jahangiri, Cory R. Wyatt, Hassan A. Albarqi, Khashayar Farsad, Ov D. Slayden, Oleh Taratula. Targeted Nanoparticles with High Heating Efficiency for the Treatment of Endometriosis with Systemically Delivered Magnetic Hyperthermia. Small, 2022; 2107808 DOI: 10.1002/smll.202107808 … Read more

Asia Kate Dillon on Finding the Way to ‘They’

Asia Kate Dillon on Finding the Way to ‘They

Derek Lam top, $390, at; Prada bustier, $920, at 575 Broadway. Photo: Elizaveta Porodina I’ve barely spent five minutes with Asia Kate Dillon when I make the precise mistake I was trying to avoid. We’re talking about their dog, a 20-pound poodle-beagle-terrier mix named Herbert, when I tentatively ask where the actor adopted him. … Read more

Did Jada Pinkett Smith Say, ‘Don’t Let Your Husband Stop You from Finding the Love of Your Life’?

Did Jada Pinkett Smith Say Dont Let Your Husband Stop

A viral quote with actor Jada Pinkett Smith‘s name attached reads, “Don’t let your husband stop you from finding the love of your life.” However, this was not a genuine quote from Pinkett Smith. The satirical quote was created as a joke around July 2020. At the time, she had revealed to her husband, actor … Read more

Cole Sprouse on Finding a Healthy Balance in Hollywood

Cole Sprouse on Finding a Healthy Balance in Hollywood

“I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to be scarfing down this chicken wrap at the same time we talk,” Cole Sprouse politely informs me as he sits in the kitchen wearing a fuzzy, baby blue sweater. The wrap in question is already halfway to his mouth. Sprouse is used to multitasking. He and his … Read more

Chloë Grace Moretz on Coming Out, Blurred Lines, and Finding Unity

Chloe Grace Moretz on Coming Out Blurred Lines and Finding

a profile photo of beautiful blonde actress chloe grace moretz Just say the word, I keep thinking. I have been waiting over a decade to hear Chloë Grace Moretz say the phrase, “I am queer.” I’m not trying to out her. And trust me, I’m not one of those pervs with their gross countdown clocks … Read more

Exclusive: BlacKkKlansman actor Paul Walter Hauser on initially auditioning for Jasper Pääkkönen’s role, finding his character one hour before shooting

Exclusive BlacKkKlansman actor Paul Walter Hauser on initially auditioning for

In BlacKkKlansman, Paul Walter Hauser gives a memorable performance as dim-witted white supremacist Ivanhoe, but according to a recent interview with Flickering Myth, he initially auditioned for a different role. When asked about the signature laugh that Hauser decided to give his character in the film, Hauser launched into an explanation about how he not … Read more

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