Before Singing ‘All For Us’ From ‘Euphoria,’ Zendaya Sang 1 ‘Finding Neverland The Album’ Track

Before Singing All For Us From Euphoria Zendaya Sang 1

Zendaya sang for The Greatest Showman, Euphoria, and even Disney Channel’s Shake It Up. She also appeared on the official soundtrack for the musical Finding Neverland, performing the song “Neverland” and starring in its corresponding music video.  Here’s what she said about her experience with Gary Barlow’s project.  Zendaya is featured on ‘Finding Neverland The … Read more

Zendaya’s Euphoria Co-Star Responds to Insanely Viral Fantasy Created by Zelda Fans

Zendayas Euphoria Co Star Responds to Insanely Viral Fantasy Created by

Millions love Nintendo’s iconic, The Legend of Zelda franchise. And among those, there’s a popular celebrity who also likes this gaming series. And she’s none other than Euphoria star Hunter Schafer. A few days back, on the Euphoria season 2 red carpet premiere, the actress expressed she would love to play Zelda’s role in a … Read more

Labrinth Talks ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Score, Working With Zendaya and Why It’s a ‘Challenging’ Time For Musicians

Labrinth Talks ‘Euphoria Season 2 Score Working With Zendaya and

Despite the three-year gap between Euphoria’s first and second season premieres (in January 2019 and January 2022, respectively), show composer Labrinth says he didn’t have to prepare all that much to reenter the sonic universe he had created — because he never really left it. Explore Explore See latest videos, charts and news See latest … Read more

Who are A24 – the company behind Uncut Gems, Euphoria and Hereditary?

Who are A24 – the company behind Uncut Gems Euphoria

In Everything Everywhere All at Once, Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s new multiverse-spanning film about an exhausted Chinese American laundromat owner, there is a universe where Michelle Yeoh is an opera singer. There is also a universe where she’s a martial arts master. There is even a universe where she has hot dogs for fingers. … Read more

How ‘Euphoria’ and Taylor Swift Are Reviving Spike Lee’s Favorite Film Stock

How ‘Euphoria and Taylor Swift Are Reviving Spike Lees Favorite

Lee, “Euphoria” cinematographer Marcel Rév, and other filmmakers spoke to IndieWire about Ektachrome’s comeback. Creator Sam Levinson and cinematographer Marcel Rév always wanted to shoot their HBO series “Euphoria” on film. But during Season 1 “there were a lot of reasons why we couldn’t do that,” Rév told IndieWire in a recent interview. Rév was … Read more

Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web Movie Is Adding A Euphoria Star

Dakota Johnsons Madame Web Movie Is Adding A Euphoria Star

It would appear that Zendaya is no longer the only cast member of the HBO series Euphoria who is a part of the ever-growing multiverse of Spider-Man-related movies. Today, it has been reported that Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie Howard on the hit show, has come aboard director S.J. Clarkson’s Madame Web – the upcoming … Read more

One Thing Zendaya Has To Ask Her Spider-Man Director About MJ She Never Has To Do With Her Euphoria Character

One Thing Zendaya Has To Ask Her Spider Man Director About

Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a doozy so far. This is especially true for the most recent movie release, Spider-Man: No Way Home, which was a record-breaking success and a huge crossover event. It also marked actress Zendaya’s third time playing MJ. And Zendaya recently revealed the one thing she has … Read more

Zendaya Taught the ‘Euphoria’ Makeup Artists an Easy Trick to Remove Glitter

Zendaya Taught the Euphoria Makeup Artists an Easy Trick to

In 2020, Zendaya became the youngest person to win a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. The Spider-Man: No Way Home star took home the award for her role in the HBO show Euphoria.  The popular show wrapped up its second season in February 2022. And while Zendaya’s character wears very little makeup in Euphoria, that’s not to say she doesn’t know … Read more

As Two Zendaya Euphoria Songs Top Music Charts, Fans Are Hoping The Actress Returns For Another Album

As Two Zendaya Euphoria Songs Top Music Charts Fans Are

As Euphoria fans figure out how to fill the void of what to do with their Sunday nights now that the controversial HBO Max series has wrapped its second season, at least Zendaya has left us a present on the way out in the form of two original songs. Zendaya worked with co-star Dominic Fike … Read more

Sir Lewis Hamilton fanboys over Zendaya and tries to land Euphoria role

Sir Lewis Hamilton fanboys over Zendaya and tries to land

Sir Lewis didn’t want to waste an opportunity sat next to Zendaya (Picture: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images) Sir Lewis Hamilton was a little starstruck sitting next to Zendaya at Paris Fashion Week and, naturally, tried to bag himself a role in her hit series Euphoria.  The Formula One star landed a front row seat at … Read more

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