Support Utah Writers on Independent Bookstore Day

Support Utah Writers on Independent Bookstore Day

A selection of prominent Utah writers from the [email protected] project—a collection of 125-word essays and poems to celebrate Utah—will present eight simultaneous readings (plus a ninth virtual reading) at independent book stores around the state on Saturday, April 30, 2022 (Independent Bookstore Day, duh). The event is (we think) the first-ever simultaneous series of readings … Read more

Everything Coming to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max & Other Major Streaming Services in May 2022

Everything Coming to Netflix Disney HBO Max Other Major

The month of May is here and that means streaming subscribers are in for a big month filled with new entertainment to enjoy. Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock, Paramount+, and Prime Video are all preparing for a horde of new movies and TV shows over the course of May. Whether you’re into popular action … Read more

These are Some of the Scariest Body Horror Movies

These are Some of the Scariest Body Horror Movies

When it comes to the horror genre, many subgenres exist that have become popular with audiences. Among them are body horror films which, for many decades, have entertained and repulsed audiences in equal measure and resulted in some of the most iconic and important horror movies the genre has witnessed. Body horror in modern cinema … Read more

10 Best Horror Movies About Family, According To Reddit

10 Best Horror Movies About Family According To Reddit

While there are many horror movies about friend groups or couples, there have been some incredibly well-done films about families released in the past few years. Whether a family is celebrating a wedding that goes wrong, dealing with grief and loss, or hosting a dinner party, there are countless scary movies that show just how tough and … Read more

‘Cursed Films’ on Shudder Successfully Debunks Movie Myths With Insightful Research, Along With A Touch of Humor

Cursed Films on Shudder Successfully Debunks Movie Myths With Insightful

This week on Shudder, the horror-centric subscription streaming service available through Amazon Prime, the fourth episode (of a five-episode second season) of Cursed Films drops. The episode covers Wes Craven’s 1988 voodoo horror film The Serpent and the Rainbow, and deals with, among other strange occurrences during the filming, the fact that the screenwriter Richard … Read more

Disneyland Announces “Halfway to Halloween” Celebration Plans

Disneyland Announces Halfway to Halloween Celebration Plans

It’s the end of April, and that means we are halfway to the best holiday of the year: Halloween. While it is mainly a time for scary movies, it is a great time to go to your favorite theme parks for some spooky fun. If you are a Disney fan, then you are in luck, … Read more

The Flash: Danielle Nicolet Breaks Down the Horror & Heroism of Her S8 Twist

The Flash Danielle Nicolet Breaks Down the Horror Heroism

The following contains spoilers for The Flash Season 8, Episode 12, “Death Rises,” which aired Wednesday, April 27 on The CW. As Team Flash scrambles to stop the villainous Deathstorm from claiming any more victims in Central City, the super-powered empath Cecile Horton takes point on tracking the fiery serial killer down. Tapping into S.T.A.R. … Read more

The 10 Best Movies That Feature Tom Savini’s FX Work, According To IMDb

The 10 Best Movies That Feature Tom Savinis FX Work

Tom Savini is arguably one of the greatest living legends within the horror genre. Not only is he an actor and director but he is renowned as a visionary makeup artist for films ranging from Dawn Of The Dead to Friday The 13th. With a career spanning several decades, several of the films involving his prosthetic work have … Read more

10 must-see films from ‘Top Gun 2’ to ‘Thor 4’

10 must see films from Top Gun 2 to Thor 4

If those ads with Nicole Kidman being wowed by the movies haven’t enticed you back into a theater yet, then a summer movie season packed with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Elvis, Thor and a heap of dinosaurs should do the trick. Let’s not even go into 2020’s COVID-19 closures or last year’s dip back into normalcy. With adults … Read more

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