Hear in Portland: Live Music at One Motorcycle Show, Sotaé at May’s Thesis, and Yasss! Lizzo Is Coming to PDX

Hear in Portland Live Music at One Motorcycle Show Sotae

Lizzo performing onstage at SXSW 2022. Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images They say April showers bring May flowers, and Portland music fans—so patient in the rain—are now seeing a bunch of excellent music scene developments at the end of April and beginning of May. This week, we’re celebrating the live music line-up of One Moto … Read more

CBS Supergirl Casts Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen | The Mary Sue

CBS Supergirl Casts Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen The

My exact thought process this morning upon seeing The Hollywood Reporter‘s recent Supergirl headline: “Ugh, I guess they have a Jimmy Olsen now but like, whatever, he’s such a milquetoast plot device so who cares—wait, who did they cast?? OH MY GOD IT’S EGGS YOU GUYS, IT’S EGGS, NEVER MIND I’M SO ON BOARD NOW.” Yup, the news from last night … Read more

Is Alex Rodriguez richer than his ex Jennifer Lopez?

Is Alex Rodriguez richer than his ex Jennifer Lopez

Baseball great Alex Rodriguez has been compared to and matched up against many people during his time in the MLB, including Seattle legend Ken Griffey Jr., St. Louis legend Albert Pujols, and even fellow New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter. Today, we won’t be comparing A-Rod to his baseball colleagues. Instead, we’ll find out how … Read more

The Big Break: Anjelica Huston First Debuted in Bond Classic ‘Casino Royale’ 55 Years Ago

The Big Break Anjelica Huston First Debuted in Bond Classic

Actress-director Anjelica Huston may have been born into film royalty and may have fulfilled that royal destiny by becoming the third generation, after actor grandfather Walter and director-actor-writer father John Huston, to score Oscar gold, but her early innings were not the stuff cinema dreams are made of. “Casino Royale” is the film where she … Read more

Fair City’s Paul Ronan is Saoirse Ronan’s dad – and is married for 30 years

Fair Citys Paul Ronan is Saoirse Ronans dad and

Fair City star Paul Ronan has a busy life on and off screen. The actor, who plays Anto Collins on the RTÉ soap opera, is the father of renowned Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, and he has been a big supporter of her successful career. Paul has also had a big career himself, starring in the … Read more

“One Night in Bangkok” can’t keep up with Mark Dacascos – The Spool

One Night in Bangkok cant keep up with Mark Dacascos

Martial arts veteran Mark Dacascos shines in a killer-cab thriller; if only the movie around him was up to his level.NOW STREAMING:Kai Kahale (Mark Dacascos, Only the Strong), a Hawaiian retiree, arrives in Bangkok and rents a cab for the evening. He quickly befriends his driver – a young woman named Fha (Vanida Golten) with … Read more

Chris Rock on ‘Kardashians’ post-slap, praises Kim’s ‘SNL’ monologue

Chris Rock on Kardashians post slap praises Kims SNL monologue

Chris Rock makes a cameo on the new “Kardashians” reality show, his first TV appearance since Will Smith infamously slapped him at the Oscars last month.  The third episode, which debuted Thursday on Hulu, was shot pre-slap, filmed around the time Kim Kardashian hosted “Saturday Night Live” in October. But it marks the first time Rock has … Read more

Baz Luhrman’s ‘Elvis’ Biopic Adding Rufus Sewell As The King’s Father

Elvis Presley has been prominently featured in a number of films, ranging from the horror comedy of Bubba Ho-Tep to the meeting of Elvis and Tricky Dick in Elvis & Nixon. But there hasn’t been a definitive biopic about the man who was dubbed the King of Rock and Roll. That’s about to change with Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrman tackling the musician’s life, and another name has just been added to the film’s cast. Rufus Sewell (A Knight’s Tale, The Man in the High Castle) has joined the Elvis biopic as The King’s “reserved, soft-spoken” father Vernon Presley.

Read more

Bruce Willis’ island escape is available again – Bonita Springs Florida Weekly

Bruce Willis island escape is available again Bonita Springs

TOP TEN REAL ESTATE DEALS By ohtadmin | on April 28, 2022 TOPTENREALESTATEDEALS.COM The 8-acre property in the Turks and Caicos on Parrot Cay has three houses and four swimming pools. Superstar Bruce Willis has wowed us from the time of the TV series “Moonlighting,” where the chemistry between … Read more

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